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Abstract Thoughts: ひきこもり (Hikikomori)

March 30, 2011


In 2010 I watched two Japanese visual entertainments, an anime called NHK ni Youkoso! and a movie by the name Tokyo!, both are great histories who talk about a very weird and dangerous culture called Hikikomori. A hikikomori, as I see it, is a modern hermit, overwhelm  by the stress and craziness of the world,  […]

Azureus Rising

July 17, 2010


awesome proof of concept for an all new feature film trilogy. Azureus is the story of a young man who after escaping death and enduring a life changing journey – matures into a heroic freedom fighter. Azureus Rising is an epic tale of self discovery, obligation and love against all odds. Look at the animation […]

Meet Meline

July 15, 2010


Awesome animated short film by Sebastien Laban and Virginie Goyons, lovely french people!. Very good style, composition, modeling and animation, Check it out!