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Mega Rubik’s Experiment for CSS3 Update

May 16, 2011


The rubik’s experiment is a personal project created by Alonso Lamas (you know, the blog owner), IT engineer and dreamer who, having some fun with the new web standards like CSS3 and HTML5 decided to create a 3D form of one of his favorite games as a child, just using 3D style transformations and Coordinate […]

Abstract Vlog: Outsourcing and Job Search In Venezuela

April 16, 2011


Outsourcing and Job Search In Venezuela kind of sucks or maybe I have a terrible luck.

HTML5 Cookie: canvas

April 13, 2011


¿Qué es un canvas? El elemento canvas permite especificar un área de la página donde se puede, a través de scripts, dibujar y renderizar imágenes, lo que amplía notablemente las posibilidades de las páginas dinámicas y permite hacer cosas que hasta ahora estaban reservadas a los desarrolladores en Flash, con la ventaja que para usar […]

JavaScript Cookie: requestAnimationFrame

April 12, 2011


¿Qué es un requestAnimationFrame? Esta función traída por los Dioses de los browser nos introduce a un mundo donde es posible optimizar el uso del CPU y procesamiento del mismo en los computadores  destinatarios, haciendo eficiente el dibujado de las animaciones elaboradas por JavaScript, deteniéndolas por completo cuando la pagina web que las incluye no […]

Abstract Thoughts: Facebook is stupid!

March 31, 2011


Facebook is a blank web application built under one promise: exploit the most awful human condition, the desire of gossip. I say that not because I’m a superior being that doesn’t gossip, NO, I do gossip and all that, but the way facebook exploit it is just stupid. Facebook was design with the basic idea […]


December 23, 2010


Check this awesome experiment I did in css3, html5 and Jquery for the Safari browser. This 3D rubik will blow you mind!. Join the experience of this experiment and help this unemployed software engineer to get a job. I hope you like it. The abstract Cube presents: THE CSS3 RUBIK EXPERIMENT Css3 Rubik Experiment: […]


December 22, 2010


Les presento un trabajo de programación de mi creación. Todo con el fin de crear algo y que alguien me de trabajo o al menos me apoyen. Abstract Cube presenta: CSS3 RUBIK EXPERIMENT Css3 Rubik Experiment: (en safari lo veras en todo su esplendor).

Open Web Apps

October 26, 2010


Similar concept of itunes but with web apps bussines on mind. Check it out. More info on this links: Google Chrome Web Store Mozilla Open Web App Store Think Vitamin Blog

UX: Fundamentals: Focus

September 19, 2010


One of the most common problems in usability is a lack of focus. In this video, think vitamin crew show how removing elements, reworking a layout, and even rewriting copy, can bring focus to your page.

HTML5: Introduction

August 22, 2010


In this video, think vitamin crew introduce HTML5, and give a little history of it’s origins and it’s current state. We will look at what the new modules being included in HTML5 are, as well as how to track their development and implementation status.