Mr. H presents: LOST DINASTY

Posted on May 7, 2011


Mr. H, an unemployed software engineer, never fulfills his dream to make a band. Sad by this matter, he decided to put on youtube all his creations in order to share with the world some great music that never happens. Enjoy it and if you steal it, at least tell me.

This was supposed to be the TWELFTH song of the first album.


Secular humanism, wash your memory away

You live in a corner, just drawing paints

Reveling your mind, giving us a chance

They don’t want that, go back to a secret place

Don’t pretend I’m going merry

Falling behind the memory

Let me see the truth

What’s beyond our faces?

Let me see the reality of this lost dynasty

Take me to the sun

Let’s burn together

Travel to the endless source of inner energy

Fade, fade, fade and fade away

The weight is lost, I’m fading away

Skin fades, I’m floating away

No one saw, nobody cares

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