Posted on May 7, 2011


Mr. H, an unemployed software engineer, never fulfills his dream to make a band. Sad by this matter, he decided to put on youtube all his creations in order to share with the world some great music that never happens. Enjoy it and if you steal it, at least tell me.

This was supposed to be the THIRTEENTH  and last song, a bonus track for japan of the hypothetical first album.


She’s a girl, cherry kinky girl

Round and round, she’s a dancing courtesan

She honor love, and some very weird desires

She’s a lover, a lover of the human kind


She’s a lesbian girl, she’s a lesbian girl

What is wrong with that?

So they want it, want it

They want it so bad

Say the love really don’t have bounds

She don’t care, she just wanna have some fun

Is the passion that makes her life go by?

And her ways, she’s the only that understand

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