Mr. H presents: THE SHINING

Posted on April 17, 2011


Mr. H, an unemployed software engineer, never fulfills his dream to make a band. Sad by this matter, he decided to put on youtube all his creations in order to share with the world some great music that never happens. Enjoy it and if you steal it, at least tell me.

This was supposed to be the ELEVENTH song of the first album.


Shine, shiny, blurring eyes sway

Exhausted, wake up to life again

Shift and shift, dreams for something real

Step by step, the floor is cold again

Embrace the shining, the sound of the sirens

The sun will find you, face it with proud

Guard your time, don’t let the fire die

God is lazy, hope and strength is in your head

Heavy, heavy, house door really heavy

Wind, windy, blowing against your steps

Crow, crowd, lost in the sea

Step by step, go beyond the pace

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