Mr. H presents: GHOST GIRL

Posted on April 10, 2011


Mr. H, an unemployed software engineer, never fulfills his dream to make a band. Sad by this matter, he decided to put on youtube all his creations in order to share with the world some great music that never happens. Enjoy it and if you steal it, at least tell me.

This was supposed to be the ninth song of the first album.



There is a girl in front of me

I wonder if she is real…

…I wonder if…


She smiles at me and shy laughs bloom in her lips

And I sweat of fear like a fool in love that never feels


There is a girl, a girl in front of me

My mind is trick me once again

I guess she´s not real

The mind´s desire battles with the fear

Just take a chance, stop the time

Maybe she will…

Kill kill kill

Your ice heart

Kill kill kill

The wrong path

Kill kill kill

An incomplete life

Kill kill kill

Your fuck up mind

….shy laughs bloom in her lips

Her eyes, the feel, you got to go, maybe she is real

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