Abstract Thoughts: Real Vigilantes

Posted on April 1, 2011


I love comic books vigilantes, supernatural humans beings who fight everyday against the evil of their jurisdictions, enforcing justice in a cool way. And I know these days, real heroes are each police law enforcement and justice’s organizations, that saves our asses everyday around the world, without even realizing it. But what IF vigilantes were possible, like in comics, a regular guy or girl who decided to be a serious hero, fighting criminals and all that, like in the movie Kickass. In that concept, What kind of vigilante you would like to be or create?   Here are two basic rules to play this game:

  1. Super Powers are not allowed. That kind of shit doesn’t exist in real world yet.
  2. You have limited resourses.  I mean no batman or iron man allowed, you are just a regular person .

With the idea and rules in mind, here’s my concept of what kind of vigilante I would be in my imagination:

Name: Umbra.

City: Caracas.

Background: The police are corrupted, the government is corrupted, the city is under the shadow of despair and decadence. The  criminals are walking in our streets  without punishment, killing and looting. Justice needs to be done, I will be the answer to people’s needs, I will use my ninja skills under the arts of yubijutsu to  server . No guns, no arms, the night will embrace me and under the shadow, criminals will pay.

Costume: black Kevlar armor without knee, elbow and head protection. I will wear a white kabuki mask very similar to justice’s blind face. In fact I will be blindfolded with a long and thin black bandana with a revolutionary infrared contact lenses that makes my eyes look red in the shadows when I need it.

Fight creed: only the use of  yubijutsu superb ninja skill, just right touches in enemies to cause instantaneous kills.

Arms: none, only Kevlar protection.

Sticky word: Justice’s is blind, so am I.

That is! That’s my vigilante imaginary profile. What will be yours?

Umbra is based on the Lady Justice Dilemma




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