Abstract Thoughts: Facebook is stupid!

Posted on March 31, 2011


Facebook is a blank web application built under one promise: exploit the most awful human condition, the desire of gossip. I say that not because I’m a superior being that doesn’t gossip, NO, I do gossip and all that, but the way facebook exploit it is just stupid.

Facebook was design with the basic idea of finding dates or see some pictures of other people, that makes this page a very insecure one , even till this date, causing terrible issues in personal security in real life. For example, people in my country had been kidnapped for ransom  just for the look of the pictures in their profiles, that criminals use for outlaw purposes. You can’t sue  Mark Zuckerberg for that in Venezuela, because our law is stupid, but I guess if this kidnapped/ ransoms occur in USA, I’m sure the young CEO will be in trouble. So, knowing that facebook can be use for the benefit of criminals is  just a cruel reality that should be fixed.  You can tell me that facebook now have a security system for accounts, but that kind of security is a bunch crap. Mix that with the friends of friends branching and the user’s clicks mania to accept everything  and you are kind of doomed. So facebook security sucks and in a big way.

Is important to say that facebook consume your productive time and your life, just like McDonalds consume your health, both taste good I must say, but not so much when you sit and think about it. Stupid facebook games that are pretty basic compare to console’s  and Pc’s games, decreasing your work stimulation  and companies know that, causing closed internal networks against the social network. So Facebook is more dangerous now, because it will consume your most precious time in nights, you creative spare times and all that with a bunch of shitty casual games that doesn’t matter and some pictures of people that you don’t even know, now virtual friends of your profile.

By the way, this kind of games is another way to exploit you. Casual shitty games for casual world consumers such as FARMVILLE are using the most awful thinking in software industry: micro transactions. This concept in its core wants to sell you software in pieces, becoming more profit to sell than just selling the whole product,  like selling a customer a car piece by piece to be a more profitable business. This is just unethical and those guys should be ashamed for that. But people are stupid, happy to buy an online carrot in exchange of real money.

Finally, I don’t know why  Zuckerberg is consider a mastermind in IT world. Facebook has an horrible user experience and design, it’s not a masterpiece in code poetry and is a very standard web page built in PHP… it is not special people. Just ask yourself how many popup windows did you see while using facebook, if you saw more than five then you’re using a web app that needs to be redesign.


facebook is a monster without form?

I’m not saying that facebook is an ugly monster of unknown form like Tetsuo becomes in Akira, but is becoming one, all the social networks are becoming a dangerous ugly monsters in fact. And maybe it not fault of Zuckerberg, who had an idea in the right moment or others developers in the web industry, they just were ideas that grew out of control, because public demanded this web apps so fast that nobody stop for a moment an saw the consequence. Right now is just happy people and  young CEO’s millionaires, but for how long? I may ask. Is a question of what  developing meaningful software in web form really means. I challenge to ask yourself  what google, think vitamin membership, digital tutors, word press, etc, have done for your life in compare to facebook?. There are much better ways to make a social network than exploiting the weakness of gossip and entertainment, in fact, that is not a social network at all, is a group together to waste their time. Facebook has missing the point and just become a tool for marketing, shitty games using micro transactions and a network that can be use for criminal actions and gossip recreation.

Facebook is exploding you, try avoid it  and if you can’t, handle it with care.

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