Abstract Thoughts: Anger is a Gift

Posted on March 31, 2011


As Zack de la Rocha said it in “freedom”, from the first Rage against the machine self titled album, anger is really a gift when your used in a proper way. So much anger in the world that is not used can be dangerous for the economics, I talking about those moments of anger when you really wants to do a fair justice for your cause and instead, you keep it inside for a future heart attack. Because of that, here is a ten proper ways to channel your anger and turn it into a gift .

  1. Punch in the face your dumbass boss. Sometimes bosses can be assholes and that’s ok but sometimes they are just assholes because they feel superior. You have to stop that behavior with fist and blood, say NO to asshole bosses, no matter what.
  2. Go and save whales with Green Peace in the Arctic Sea. Work for Green Peace is a extreme sport that just fits with your anger. Help to save the wild life, because that is more important than human’s greed.
  3. Write a book. Channel your anger with creativity, writing a book is a great way to express your feelings and broadcast why you are so anger about. You really can change minds with just words.
  4. Create better work places. If your boss is a douche and your working just for money as your anger grows, become your own boss and create places and business models that really cares about employees. Create a company that matters.
  5. Support a cause. There is a lot of good causes in the world, just pick one and support it.
  6. Create a cause to follow. If you don’t find any cause you like, create one, because there is not excuse to work for a cause that  is fair.
  7. Fight for the woman/man you love. Make love, be understanding , have deep thoughts with you love ones, treat it with respect, because at the end, they are the thing that keeps you going, burn some positive anger with that.
  8. Don’t be a coward. Never surrender, you have to keep going, no matter what.
  9. Fight for the human rights to be equally accepted. Racist is stupid, everybody fits in this world, scream for fair rights for the people.
  10. Plant the seed of positive anger. On your people, your family, yourself in each day. Your anger against the unfair is a endless battle, while more people join your cause, the victory will be imminent.

Don’t let the evil rules, fight back with anger

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