Abstract Thoughts: Gym Instructors are Perverts!

Posted on March 28, 2011


I’m going to say it right away, I hate Gym’s instructors. That’s right, I said it, and I’m going to tell you why in this blog post.

I always go to the gym in the morning and thank God I don’t need those motherfuckers, because I had some experiences in the professional sport world and I know my routines in order to look like Jackie Chan… Anyway, that’s not the point, the point is that I hate Gym’s instructors and here is why.

Gym’s instructors want to fuck with girls, rarely occasion with boys (in case of female or gay instructors), using the excuse of body building and toning in order to fulfill her/his sex dreams, Jersey Shore style. This is an abuse and is unfair for the race in the arts of love, because they use a positive stimulation when you are vulnerable. Let me explain, when everybody goes to the gym to stay healthy, you’re going to fight a really hard battle against laziness and some vicious in your mind, even if you have it or not, for example  like cigar, alcohol, drugs, necrophilia, whatever. In conclusion, you go to the Gym to stay healthy or maybe give that impression to people at least. Here is my point, in that moment you feel vulnerable for the battle to come and this man enters in your life, to help you out to look beautiful and in shape. LIES, THEY WANT TO TOUCH YOU AND MAYBE GET LAID WITH YOU.  Here I describe step by step how this process goes:

  1. New girl come into the place, ready to sweat.
  2. Gym’s Instructor watches his prey, while he is touching another girl or doing nothing, eating bananas.
  3. The girl is going to do some cardio exercise like jogging .
  4. Instructor Interrupts with this phrase: Can I help you? I’m the Gym’s instructor and I know about those stuffs.
  5. Girl falls in ignorance, vulnerable for burning  fat, so she see this positive stimulation and say this words: Ok, thanks!
  6. Inside the instructor’s mind, a penis voice speaks : OH yeah! Ready to touch!.

So this guy is ready to make a workout plan where he can touch you, turning exercises that you can do on machines or by yourself in some kind of new fitness confusing plan,elaborated by an expert that supposed to be more beneficial for you. All this charade for the sake of the man’s penis. Anyway , is a long process where the girl gain confidence with the instructor’s hands in their ass, semi touches in the boobies zone, etc, etc.  The strategy work with some, not all the girls, so is a gamble, a smart one I must say, because they have an excuse to touch so… they never lose,  always touching and everybody loves the Gym’s instructor, no real harm done. FUCK THAT AND IS FUCKING UNFAIR!

Is really sad to know that this kind of exercise shown in the picture below really exist. Fuck this Gym’s instructors man.



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