Abstract Thoughts: Sexual Innuendos , Chickens and Dead Bodies

Posted on March 28, 2011


Have you ever thought how far can you go just to have a piece of heaven? The eternal nectar?  A sacred  smile of joy from your beloved desire? … I’m talking about sex in is raw form, crude and animalistic. A couple of years ago, I had a deep conversation with a few friends about the most disturbing and decadent fictional situations when someone have to choose wisely, in order to had sex and survive  a very dark sexual innuendo. One of this histories that I want to share with you, goes beyond human understanding, making your spine chill and  skin shivers because the decision you have to make, either way you will lose, but hey!, at least you got laid right?. Here is the story, just be sure to make the right choice…


Chickens and dead bodies

You are alone, walking in a tiny dead end street. You went into a party and took a horny pill (this is  a fictional pill guys), your desire for sex is high and rise, nobody is around until you reach the end of that alley. You saw a dead body on the floor, near to a trash dump and a chicken right next to the corpse, crowing and running around, wings flapping and all that.

Your horniness rises up one more level when you’ve realized that this dead body is your dream girl/boy (here the discussion team chose Daniela Kosan, a hot Venezuelan model because you know, we all thought she is hot). You approached to the body with some kind of pervert moral while the chicken is still crowing, sensing her/his neck with your hands, She/he is still warm, maybe just a few minutes from being dead, who knows. You saw this body, what a fine curves/abs, beautiful face, with no scars in her/his body, what a waste you might think.

And, in that moment, the horny pill explodes inside your body and you have the worst hallucination ever. The dead corpse and the chicken look at you  and exclaimed two words that blow your mind:


You have to make a decision, you cannot escape, otherwise, the horny pill will blow up your brain in a thousand pieces. So, what will it be, the weird and alive chicken or the dead corpse of your dream man/woman.