Posted on March 13, 2011


A zombie movie idea occurs to me in these days about a zombie deceased virus that polute the whole world through the air. Check this proof of concept and tell me what you think about the idea. Sorry for my acting but I don’t have money to pay for someone professional. Check it out!


Man turn on a video camera with a strange and nervous look on his face. The man saw the camera and start talking English with a much focused Latin American accent.

Men: hello, my name is…is hard to remember. Hmmm Alfhonse, and I’m a software engineer … or I was I guess. I’m here in a building, in an eleven floor in Valencia, Venezuela. And I talking in English with hope that somebody comes here and save me, so I speak in a language that everyone knows.

I found this camera in my closed a few days back, it’s have half of batteries and I decide to record my history.

Where I started?

I’ve been here for three months since the… virus. I don’t know much about what happen.  I was sleeping, it was… Sunday, and when I woke up in the morning. I turn on the TV, all the channels say that some kind of virus got loose, that around 50 millions of people have died in Europe in less than four hours and the virus was impossible to contain, that the decease disseminated trough air. There was no cure at all or something like that; I thought it was a joke. They say also that USA is trying to holding back the dissemination and the rest of the world they… don’t give a fuck. The air smell weird by the way, I’m used to it by now.

Like one or two hours later, all TV signals were gone and… and I don’t even notice, there was so much silence, not even a sound in the streets, not even a soul. I try to call my mom… and no response. Family, friends, my girlfriend, not a fucking response.

I try to get out the building to see what going on outside and just when I go down the stairways … I saw 3 persons, two woman’s and a man just walking around the stairs with no sense. I knew those people; they… were neighbors of mine and when I try to get near to them… Damn I asked so many questions. There was no answer

One woman approach to me, she… she have all her face ripped. They try to…. Eat me… (stop). I fight back.

I ran back to my house, scare as hell, closed the door with all the locks and I just saw through the door peep hole . More people come at my door, totally lost, kind of dead, with ripped arms, mutilated arms….they eat to each other, Just horrible human conditions things in that hallway. I freeze. They are not people anymore.  They just wait there in the hallway; sometimes they make some sounds on my door…

The fucking sounds are driving nuts.

Anyway, five days passed and the lights went out, the hallway on my floor went black and those horrible faces disappear in my peep hole. But the sounds… the sounds never stop.

I try to scream with all my lungs through the windows, to see if anyone near me still lives. Not a response, just silence and that fucking weird sounds at my entrance door and everywhere else. I try to keep the most far away possible from that door, is in the other way around of my home.

I thought I could survive here until someone, a special force or something safe me, I did have enough supplies back then but…I kind of scrub right now. I collected a lot of water the first days but food is running out. The sky turns red in the first days. I don’t know what’s going on, I swear. Three months have passed.

I don’t have weapons, not even a pistol or a sharp knife. I only have a hockey stick… I don’t have a radio… I have a cellphone that still have batteries because is turn it off. I turn it on every weekend on Sunday to see if the signals have been recovery. Not so lucky yet.

I think those things can sense me sometime, or smell me. And they try to pass the door, but they cannot do it. And I know they are pretty weak, they can’t even knock down my door but… and I hope they don’t. Those things don’t die like the movies says, a shot in the brain and a happy ending, so far from that, they breath is toxic and only one touch of their skin and you get a fuck off acid burn or something similar, and if they ¡ die, the virus disseminate more through the putrefaction of the body in the air. I started to think that I’m immune. For what purpose?…

I try to escape twice… They are too many and to succeed I will have to go down through a dark eleven floor staircases with maybe 80 or more than a hundred decease people who want to eat me. Ohh fuck I don’t even have batteries for my flash light.

I’m living in a tomb….