Mr. H presents: HEARTH ATTACK

Posted on February 19, 2011


Mr. H, an unemployed software engineer, never fulfills his dream to make a band. Sad by this matter, he decided to put on youtube all his creations in order to share with the world some great music that never happens. Enjoy it and if you steal it, at least tell me.

This was supposed to be the fourth song of the first album


I have the sensation there is

To many people around me

So I decide to stay away

Please, winds take me

If you don’t like this place

Stand up and walk away


I’m a point to hearth attack

So stress, headache I feel today

Leave me alone for one day

Wind takes me so far away


I don’t belong to this place

So why I staying here?

Funny isn’t, what can I do?

I hate other people control my life

In a world of influences

It easily be control it

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