The seven biggest deceptions of the seventh video console generation

Posted on October 5, 2010



7.The devolution of Japanese Gaming Industry.

This is a sad one, and  maybe because you can use one hand and maybe a few extra fingers to count the really good hardcore and inventive games that Japan have made for this generation so far. Square Enix meltdown with Final Fantasy XIII (who took almost five or six year to make it happen) and Crapcom (formally known as Capcom) with only one good delivery (street fighter re born) , and the rest a horrible crap-o-rama of games such as Lost planet, Resident Evil 5 (not scary anymore) and much more. Both companies are just an example of the situation in Japan so far. So, Lets cross fingers for new Japan developers who dealt with this issues and star making tons of awesome games.

Pretty but meh.

6.Main Web Page Game reviewers.

I’m going to say my personal opinion right here. I feel reviews in this gen seems too force, too pushy, like the guys who did this stuff have a preconceived opinion  of things, an extra criticism about technical matters that maybe nobody cares and sometimes, influenced by external stuff like advertisement. Is like they doing a boring job, like his/her  boss is forcing this guy to play a game and make the review with a standard saying that all games have frame rate issues or scripted shit is bad. I don’t know, maybe game reviewers have gone mad and stop enjoying games.

Bill Murray is right.

5.Wii ideas Rip Off.

Playstation Move, Natal/Kinect, all this stuff is shit and a Wii RIP OFF!. When companies want to sell more I guess they will do anything for  achieved that.


4.Wii/XBOX 360/PS3 Haters.

So much hate this gen, I hope it will end soon (probably not). Stop hating and enjoy gaming guys! And cheer the good games that each console provides.

Consoles don’t judge.

3.Blizzard fusion with Activision.

Blizzard you were the man Bro! until you merge with Activision and his evil master Kotick. I’m scare, I’m not going to lie. Wrath of the lich king wasn’t so good as WOW/ Burning crusade and maybe the reason why Starcraft II was decided to be released in chapters is Activision idea, you know, to make more money and finally conquer South Korea once for all.  Please Blizzard, don’t go in the direction of Activision ideas, PLEASE.

Bad Logo, BAD!

2.Bobby  “fucking” Kotick.

“You better wash your mouth son”

That quote is the first idea comes in my mind when I think in the former antichrist that the gaming industry have confront it. What a prick, douche and dirty mouth. Basically the idea of this guy is to sell more and more, increase games prices, destroy everyone who thinks deference and overload the market with his games, with millions of iterations of the product over and over, year after year, till your eyes burn and your pocket gets empty. In conclusion, Kotick is the Game Nazi, HAIL CALL OF DUTY!!.

The game Nazi.

1.Gaming as a product to sell.

Gaming have become a bigger industry,  and with that came great changes that affect the market and gamers as well. You want to sell a product or game? That’s the question running in my mind, now all became an iteration of a formula that did have success at the first time (modern warfare, music games, etc). Games are a fairly new form of art that prove have success on his own and I glad that many master minds like Miyamoto, Kojima, Jaffe, the Doctors from Bioware still see this and continued to do great stuffs, but I’m worried about new tendencies. Now these days every game is forced to have a multiplayer and risk the single player experience, “multiplayer is what sells, you have to do it”. Incomplete games for DLC madness, all that in the sake of make more money. MICRO TRANSACTIONS, maybe the thing that will destroy games as we know it  and in a bad kind of way . Minor thing right that I really hope don’t affect gaming future.

Games are not about money, are about reproduce unique experiences, entertainment. The money will come along if you make a great game, but make sure you make a good one, not a product of the tendencies, that’s all.

May the Game God protect us.

Comment, share and discuss this topics in a good way. Thanks for read this lines. The cube master out.

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