Music for the abstract mind: Balto

Posted on September 12, 2010


Yasunori Mitsuda/Balto

From the mind of Yasunori Mitsuda came this Celtic inspired  orchestra master piece named balto, a song made to be part of the Xenogears Video Game Soundtrack in the years of the Play Station. You know how good a song is? When that song teleports your mind to another place, a place of higher meaning and joyful feelings for your perspective, sharing the ideas of your mind in a very weird way that always only you understand. In this case, balto does it perfectly.

The piece start slowly, very calm, with some kind of happy melancholy that makes you feel watching a sunset and kids playing on some green hills, a nice warn feeling. Then the music explode, taking this happy feeling, make your ass get up from the grass and for a moment be like those child, dancing and jumping around. Then the night come and some Irish culture band emerge for the ground with some pipes and a bunch of nice people ready to dance in this happy way, remember those forgotten days of childhood.  It’s a awesome feeling that I want to share with you, abstract reader.

Well lets ear the song and you will see what I mean, and no lyrics this time, just feeling.



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