Music for the abstract mind: Moaner

Posted on August 29, 2010



Most people know underworld for the song Born Slippy include the soundtrack of Trainspotting, a highly rate it movie with Ewan McGregor in the lead role. But I not going talk about those topics, I’m here to introduce to you moaner, for me a really piece of art about insanity that people should listen at least once in a lifetime.

Moaner, as many great songs transport you to another place, in this case to the mind of Rick Smith and Darren Price who built insanity beats with their turntables, a beat that slowly immerse you to some kind of dream where all is abstract, some kind of matter that is forming to reach a momentum, that matter is energy, energy that will explode to get you even more deep in the song. We have reach the middle of this now steady energy and the voice of Karl Hyde introduce you an history about  the crushing feelings of devastation, hurt and anger that consume you when you discover a lover’s passed you up for somebody better. Karl can try and run away from it , drop pills, drink until you pass out, but in the end, they just won’t get out of your head. Karl feel uncertain as the song progress, and hating himself  and them for what’s happened. Seeing them without you, in the company of someone else just breaks you is so bitter and hateful. it’s the worst kind of pain that Karl Hyde fells at that moment reaching two a second momentum even greater than the first one, with a bigger explosion. The energy become steady and them the song ends.

the way the song builds up and completely collapses in on itself as the lyrics progress is a beautiful thing to experience with the speakers turned up as loud as you can stand. So intense. tracks like these make me wonder why people often assume dance music is just beeps and beats, HELL NO!. Karl hyde is almost undoubtedly one of the most skilful, original lyricists dance music has ever seen.

Stop chatter and let’s see what I mean.


hey kiss me

i kiss you

kiss me

i kiss you i know about you

i talk about you

i’ve been waiting for you

in everybody wants to know you

wrapped up in moon river then beyond the blinds

and the new white sliding into the city tunnel

beneath the feet of the people in the city roamin’


roamin’ in the city

crossway boy

crossway boy

downtown waterfront boy in the shadows

of the she’s on the phone

again she’s on the phone

again she’s calling from America

she’s calling from america

she’s searchin'(?)

she’s moshing and the girls are diving

and the girls are up to something animal

boything up on the roof again

boything to be down there there’s every kind of act

make it down to the Delaware(?)

an up in your head




moaner rudy get the

get the

get the

get the night

the city loves you

city loves a boyfriend long walks with a boyfriend

city loves a boyfriend friends walking with the boyfriend

and the nights with the boyfriend

and the city loves you

loves you

loves you loves everyone

everyone is smiling

the smiling is pushing it around

pushing it around

like the shadows of evolution in the dark

super boys where time is all

and where time is everything

where time is started(?)

time to earth

earth wind and fire

and the sun in your hair

black metal walls are falling

i’m the hunger

i’m metal

i’m stainless

i’m milk in your plastic

i’m left alone in a full moon with the only thing

i can do is lie awake on the floor

at night the doors are i can’t awake

i can’t awake

ah ah ah ah

the water into you(?) to me constantly





without again

without again

your telephone number through a glass of water

the door between is opened(?)

the silence is different





walks with the boyfriend the city

loves the boyfriend friends walking

friends walking with the boyfriend the city loves

the boyfriend everybody loves

the boyfriend you left me alone

you left me alone with a full moon

full moon

full moon

full moon

full moon



boys down on the waterfront.

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