Music for the abstract mind: Three Days

Posted on August 27, 2010



Jane’s Addiction/Three Days


Jane’s Addiction, what can I say, the fathers of the alternative movement. Their best era 1985 – 1991, was plague with fights, sex, drugs, rock n roll, beach and super songs who inspired many bands years to come. I must say that Perry Farrell (voice), Dave Navarro (guitar), Eric Avery (bass) and  Stephen Perkins (drums) find in that time the perfect fusion of their talents. The high tone voice of Perry blend perfectly with the skilled and passionate guitar of Dave, the super rhythm drums of Perkins and the mysterious and trippy Eric bass.


Three Days, the track number six in the album Ritual de lo Habitual shows the best of Jane’s Addiction in is pure core, passion and fury mixed with some source of melancholy. I dare to say this song have the best guitar solo I ever listen in my life, not because is hard to do it or have a beautiful technique that none one can reach, nah that crap, is because is pure feeling of what you know, simple as that. I just love the intro with a narration of a poem write by Perry to her painful love Xiola and the bass line introduction is just too deep and significant that you can’t avoid it, get in you into the song right away. The drums are perfect, accompany every instrument with slowly tone and then breaks with the guitar and bass at times, even it found some place in the song to raise it to another level with a undercover solo, pretty neat by the way.

What the song is about? Well, many mysteries in this department. Some say is about the resurrection of Jesus and how we have lost our morals and our family values, which is why the Christian church believes Jesus sacrificed his life for our sins to be forgiven. Others says is about Xiola’s three-day return to Los Angeles for her father’s funeral. This would be the last time Perry would see Xiola before her death.


The song is, at my understanding, is about a weekend of sex and drugs between Perry, Casey (also a Perry lover) and Xiola, a few weeks before she overdosed, with a lot of religious references. Note the part about all of them having wings, I think it is pretty obvious what he is talking about, their use some many drugs at that time.


Well lets ear the song and you will see what I mean.


Three ways was the morning

Three lovers in three ways

We knew when she landed

Three days she’d stay

I am a proud man anyway

Covered now by three days


We saw shadows of the morning light

Shadows of the evening sun

Till the shadows and the lights were one


Shadows of the morning light

Shadows of the evening sun

Till the shadows and the lights were one


True hunting is over, no herd to follow

Without game men prey on each other

The family weakens by the bites we swallow


True leaders gone, of land and people

We choose no kin but adopted strangers

The family weakens by the lengths we travel


All of us with wings

All of us with wings

All of us with wings

All of us with wings

All of us with wings

All of us with wings


Erotic Jesus lays with his Marys

Loves his Marys

Bits of puzzle fitting each other


All now with wings

“Oh my Marys! Never wonder…night is shelter for nudity’s shiver”

All now with wings

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