From Dust: Demo Tech

Posted on August 24, 2010


This year GamesCom show us a really cool looking game brought to us by Ubisoft Montpellier and the famous Eric Chahi, creator of the cult game Another World (known as Out of This World in the United States) a long time ago, game generations away. From Dust, is a game based on the “God Simulator”  genre, who was famous for titles like  populous and black and white, where the player shape the structure and very foundations of the world in a really fast pace.

For the demo tech show it on the floor, the dynamics of the world are just awesome, with a very realistic show of the elements of the earth interacting with each other. The tool you use to create or shape the world is a tiny ball who can change is state in different  elements, making you change the world at your will. The other thing is the natives or tribal tribe who wandering around, summoning elements and take the suffer from God (you) I guess.

For a title announced for  XBLA, PSN and PC, I’m really impress with the graphics, looks pretty sharp and real, even the little  tribal tribes. Anyway, take a look at the Demo Tech a make your own conclusion and under the hands of Eric Chahi, it sure looks promising.

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