Portal 2 PREVIEW

Posted on August 19, 2010


Portal2 , the sequel who will follow one the best puzzle game….. no, the best puzzle/first-person shooter  game of this decade sure looks good in this previews shoots with a camera  in Gamescom 2010. Take a look and remember that the cake is a lie!!

Porta 2 Trailer

Portal2 debut trailer, so let’s watch this video together, you know, for science, you prick XD.


Portal 2 Demo, Part 1 – Gamescom ’10

New character, Wheatley, a English asshole and the presentation of the Excursion Funnels, a new fun game play mechanic.


Portal 2 Demo, Part 2 – Gamescom ’10

Aerial faith plates, Repulsion and Propulsion Gels introduction, that will make things even more interesting in our way through the Enrichment Center.

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