Prototype Boobs

Posted on July 19, 2010


Recently, some of our mad scientists here in the abstract cube discover  twenty three  types of mystic  artifacts that make men go insane and fight to each other.  We men, saw those things, it consume us, we want it every day  but we don’t know how to get it. Some people call it breast, here in the cube we like to call it BOOBS, because they are awesome. Here are the results from the investigations. 

File: Boobs Prototype.

Code  name:  PROTO BOOBS.

Cherry Type

Also call “Keira Knightley type”, because she was the first woman to prove that really smalls boobs can conquer the world sometimes. This kind of boobs are really small but with eventually prove that something sexy is going on in there. Perfect for the man who enjoys sports.

High Bouncing Type

If you see this type of boobies in running action, you will have for sure a really good time. The only problem is the sometimes excessive bouncing in any kind of event, let’s say in a party, in the car, in a calm reading and of course in the bed. Perfect for the man who likes to see things in a constant bouncing.

Small Bites Type

The perfect boobs for the man who seek balance in his life. Not too small, not too big, pretty beautiful and symmetric. If you see something like that in the street, go for it with respect.

Porn Star Standard Type

Did you watch porn? I’m sure u did, or maybe you still do, like we all do. Well, no problem here, is the standard fake boob type in the porn industry. Very firm, near to the face and camera friendly. Perfect for the man who love porn stars.

Pointers Type

Big pointy nipples! Yeah man, those things can even put your eyes out if you don’t handle with care. Scary at the beginning, satisfactory at the end.

Grandma Type

The dying boobs, in the final stage of her life. Your grandma have a pair, my grandma have a pair, your wife will have a pair, your girlfriend will have a pair, your mom will have a pair. Is the circle of life boys and girls.

Daria Type

Did you see Daria in MTV? No? damn it, Google it. It’s like the smart type of boobs, because girls who have it forgot about them and study a lot. Perfect for the man who like to study a lot.

I’m Awesome Type

Yup, this boobs are awesome. The girls who have it like to take care a lot of herself, usually are very attractive, do some sports and like to have fun. Sometimes this kind of girl make amateur porn videos in her drunkenness. Perfect for the man who likes to have fun and be pro active.

Wear A Bra Woman! Type

Hippie girls who don’t like to wear bras. At the beginning in the adolescence period everything is happy, but in the twenties you will be doom for the lack of bra and your boobies WILL FALL!. Wear a bra and keep it nice and clean girls.

Bra Deceiver Type

This woman wear a bra but gravity has already done its job. You will be very happy because you find the perfect boobs and the perfect mind, the bra is off and BOOM! , the dream is gone!, you have only her mind now. Good luck, it’s not your fault, call a good plastic surgeon.

Ultra Mega Bra Deceiver Type

This woman wear a bra but gravity has already done its job, TWO FUCKING TIMES!. Good luck, it’s not your fault, call a good plastic surgeon, RIGHT NOW! WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?.

Boob Breaker Type

Plastics as hell, but man those boobies are looking pretty good, oh yeah. Some men don’t like it, I say if you like plastic, go for it AND HAVE A GREAT TIME!.

Tomboy Type

Zero, nothing, nada amigo!, only nipples. The only thing I have to say, if you like nipples, go for it.

Minimalist Type

This is the kind of boobs  that people hate and love it at the same time. a little bigger than the Cherry Type, is the favorite boobs for the lesbian eye, don’t know why. Perfect for the man who dreams with a three some.

Epic Triple Boob Type

This is dynamite!, this the shit!, this is the final encounter, this like try to kill a titan. A few, few men have try out, some of them did not survive. Perfect for the man who likes challenges and epic battles.

Devil’s Delight Type

Natural, artificial, I don’t care, this type of boobs are the heaven. Perfectly balance in tune with the nature, a slowly bouncing and a soft stiffness, perfectly fit each one in your hands. If you like this type, go for it with respect and bravery.

Sweet Lemons Type

This boobies are so fun, they move side to side in a random way, you can’t predict the movement. Tiny and fun, is like  throwing  yourself in an adventure.

Zeppelin Attack Type

The gravity again have done the spell, this time in a big boobies. I have nothing to say about this type.

Torpedo Type

Pointiers type upgrade!, not only the nipple are pointing something, is the whole boob now. They pointing at you! Watch out with your eyes and handled with care.

Tha Horn Type

REALLY RARE TYPE, IF YOU SEE IT PLEASE CONTACT WITH THE ABSTRACT CUBE. Is the anti gravity boob, they never fall, they are always stiff and beautiful. People say it a myth, but we still believe. Is like the holy grail of boobies types. CALL PLEASE!.

Canteen Type

You see a lot of this boobies in Germany when you are drunk, pleasing your needs. Damn those Germans girls are a lot of fun.

People Have Died In That Place! Type

The Monster of boobs, the big balloon that you always dream to have in the circus. Perfectly rounded, people can live there. If you have cold, go inside and take shelter, if you have hot, do the same.

Man Boobs Type

Fail boobs, job of the junk food, lack of sports and a lot of time inside you computer watching porn or playing world of Warcraft, or simply doing nothing. If you want to obtain real boobs type, get off your seat and do something, real boobies are waiting for you man.




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